Frequently Asked Questions

Will you buy back my gloebits if I don’t use them?

No. We consider gloebits valueless tokens. But, we’re always working to acquire new partners who will accept gloebits. That’s the beauty of gloebits. You’re not locked into spending them on one product. Find another partner product you like and spend them there.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. We use Stripe as our credit card processor. We do not store your full credit card number or CVC code after we submit it to Stripe. Stripe does store and protects this information. They are a major credit card processor who specializes in handling this information. You can find out more about Stripe and their PCI compliance at their website.

You stored my credit card information. How do I delete it?

We actually don’t store your full credit card details. We don’t store your full credit card number or your cvc code. We do store the last 4 digits of your credit card and some other identifying information such as the expiration date. Stripe, our credit card processor, stores the necessary information to charge your card and provides Gloebit with an id to request a charge on that card again in the future. When we let you make a new purchase without re-entering credit card info, we are submitting a charge request with this id to Stripe. We are not re-submitting your credit card details. If you would like us to remove a credit card as a payment method from your account, navigate to your account settings. Log into your account. From the drop down menu in the navigation bar select “Account Settings”. In the “saved credit cards” section of the page, find the card you want to remove and click the red X on the right. Confirm that you would like this deleted and you’re done. You can always find all of your saved payment methods on this page and remove any that you would like to.

I think there is a fraudulent transaction on my account. What should I do?

Let us know immediately by doing the following:

  1. Go to your transaction history.
  2. Find the transaction which you believe is in error. Click on the blue text in the description field for the transaction. Doing so will make the transaction expand vertically to reveal any additional details and a “dispute” link.
  3. Click on the “dispute” link for the transaction. This will bring you to a contact us page with the transaction id filled in.
  4. Please provide contact information and any details you can regarding your inquiry on the transaction. Was it the wrong amount? Did you not make it? Did you not receive the goods/services you were promised?
  5. Click “submit” to send the information to us.

We’ll review your submission and get back to you.

If the transaction was a purchase of gloebits, please allow us the chance to review and rectify the situation before contacting your payment provider. They charge hefty fees which can add up. If you’re not happy with our resolution, you can always contact them later.

If the transaction was a payment of gloebits, we’ll work with you and the merchant involved to resolve the dispute.

If there are many transactions you are disputing, file a report on one of them using the steps above and let us know how many other transactions there are. We will likely contact you for more details.

We hope that you never have to dispute a transaction on our system, but if there is a problem, reporting it helps us fix it. It could be a misunderstanding. It could be a software bug. On rare occasion, it could be a bad actor in our system whom you’re helping us protect the rest of your fellow users from. Thank you for helping to make our system better and safer.

What is the value of a Gloebit?

We consider gloebits valueless tokens.

How much do gloebits cost?

The price for gloebits varies based on how many you purchase at a time. The more you purchase at once, the less expensive they are per Gloebit.

Go to the purchase page to view current packages and pricing.

How do I use gloebits?

First, sign up for a Gloebit account.
Then purchase some gloebits.

When you use a partner product, you’ll be asked to link your Gloebit account to your account with that partner product. Authorize that link and you’ll be able to see your gloebit balance and spend your gloebits from within that product.

You can find products in which you can use gloebits from our applications discovery page

What products use gloebits?

We are always working to add partners and products to the Gloebit system. You can see a list of current applications in which you can use gloebits on our application discovery page.

What about products that aren’t consuming the Gloebit Service?

Hopefully they will eventually. It’s our goal to get everyone to accept gloebits.

You can help! Contact the producers for the applications you use and ask them to integrate with Gloebit.

If you are a developer interested in integrating the Gloebit services with your application, please check out our Gloebit developer site.

How do I stay updated on Gloebit?

How do I become a partner and integrate the Gloebit service for my product?

For OpenSim grids/regions which want to enable Gloebit for their currency, we've developed a drop in money module for OpenSim. Take a look through the details, or jump right into the simple process for enabling Gloebit on OpenSim.

Find an overview of being a partner on our Gloebit developers site.

Then, follow the instructions on our Gloebit Merchant Integration Guide or the more-detailed Gloebit Sandbox Walk-Through to get started.

How do I sell gloebits?

Merchants and partners who earn gloebits through commerce (sale of goods or services) can sell their gloebits through to consumers for real world currency. Any user wishing to sell gloebits must first sign up for account permission to sell gloebits. See our seller flow page for all the details on signing up and selling gloebits.

How do I cash out real world proceeds from selling gloebits?

Gloebits must first be sold for real world currency by placing a sell order. Cash outs are done via PayPal. There is a 2% fee to cash out and the funds generally appear in the designated PayPal account within seconds. See our seller flow page for more details.

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