Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant and Developer Partners

How do I become a partner?

Find an overview of being a partner on our Gloebit developers site.

Then, follow the instructions on our Gloebit Merchant Integration Guide or the more-detailed Gloebit Sandbox Walk-Through to get started.

Can I test your integration and APIs before I sign up?

Yes. We have a sandbox server for integration and testing your applications.
Our Gloebit Merchant Integration Guide gives and overview of using our sandbox environment for integration and testing. It also links to our Gloebit Sandbox Walk-Through.

What APIs do you provide?

For a full list of available APIs, please see our developers page for Plugins, APIs, and Code Examples.

How do I list my application on your discovery page?

Once you have been approved to be a developer partner and accept gloebits, you receive access to merchant functionality. The Gloebit account that has been approved will have a merchant tools page. From this page, you can select to have your application be visible. Please make sure to upload an application image and provide a brief description of your app prior to activating this. Once you have activated this flag, we will review your application and add it do our app discover page

Can I get my profits out right away?

We work hard to provide the best service we can to all of our partners. That means, we want you to have access to your profits as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are sometimes delays we need to put in place for the safety of our entire userbase.

We have to verify the information you provided in the partnership request form before we can allow you to remove any funds from the system. If activity in your account ever triggers a review, we may need to place a hold on the account until the review is complete.

Some gloebits you will be able to sell and cash out immediately. Others may be held temporarily or permanently. We will always attempt to provide our partners with clear information on why gloebits are held. Some payment methods allow users to reverse or charge back payments months after they have been made and this is what most often forces us to place hold on funds.

Some gloebits in our system have been purchased via methods which don’t allow a payment to be reversed, or which are out of that risk period. When a partner receives these, that partner can generally sell them and cash them out immediately.

Some gloebits in our system have been purchased via methods which are still at risk of being reversed or charged back. We may restrict these gloebits until they are out of this risk state which is dependent upon the payment method and generally on the order of months. We make attempts to reduce this period based on various risk metrics in our system including our history with the buyer and payment method used and our history with the partner.

If a user disputes a transaction where they transferred gloebits to you, we may hold these gloebits or reverse this transaction while the dispute is being resolved.

If a partner’s sales escalate quickly, we may hold some funds while we review to ensure there is no fraudulent activity. We may also limit the amount of gloebits a partner can sell in a day or the total cashout we’ll allow in a period. If you have run into such limits, please contact us for more details.

Sometimes regulations may require us to place restrictions on partners. We’ll do our best to provide details as they become relevant.

Ultimately, we want to have as few restrictions as possible, but one of the ways we provide a lower fee than the competition is by controlling our fraud risks better than our competitors. We strive to achieve the best balance of safety and freedom.

I have gloebits. Now what?

You are welcome to spend them on other partner products. Partners also have the ability to sell those gloebits to get a USD balance and then cash that balance out.

To sell your gloebits, go to the merchant tools page. Type in how many gloebits you would like to sell and click sell. This will place a sell order in our queue which will be filled as consumers purchase gloebits. Once your gloebits are all sold, you’ll have a USD balance for which you can request a cashout. We cashout via PayPal masspay and charge a $1 fee to cover the fee PayPal charges us.

Do you provide analytics?

We are working on an analytics solution and hope to have it available to all our partners soon. You can and will always be able to export your transaction history in order to run the analytics solution of your choice. Sometimes, there’s no replacement for an Excel pivot table and chart.>

Can a customer disconnect their Gloebit account from our application?

Yes. And this is good for you. A customer can always reconnect their Gloebit account if they would like to transact with you in the future. Providing this control to our users results in them trying more products from new brands they hadn’t heard of. Sometimes they aren’t interested and disconnect. Other times, they become a valuable customer. We make it safe for them to try that new product, creating the path for them to become that valuable customer. We believe that this functionality boosts monetization for all of our partners.


We cannot provide you with advice on tax requirements for your product. We suggest you seek advice from your accountant. We do not charge, withhold, or remit taxes on your behalf from Gloebit transactions occurring in your application.

Can I offer a subscription?

Yes, though we suggest very clear messaging to your customers if you set up a subscription. A user who sees a charge they were not expecting and did not directly enact is far more likely to dispute that transaction.

Once a user authorizes you to charge their Gloebit account, you can do so on their behalf as a subscription requires. However, this transaction will only succeed if the user has sufficient gloebits in their account. If the user does not, your transaction request will fail. We will not automatically charge a user to purchase gloebits and fulfill your request. Also, a user may revoke your authorization without canceling your subscription. It is your responsibility to handle this scenario. We will not enforce a subscription agreement for you, so we advise that you bill your subscription at the start of the subscription period and never provide products or services under the promise of future subscription payments.

How much do I get when selling gloebits?

$1.00 for 250

We will eventually implement an exchange where you can set the price at which you sell your gloebits. Once we do, the price of gloebits will vary over time, however, we will apply effort to ensure that the market moves slowly and stably.

Can I sell gloebits for currencies other than USD?

Yes. You can set the currencies you’ll accept from your merchant tools page when selling gloebits. Currently, you can choose to accept the following curreincies.

  • USD - United States Dollars
  • BTC - Bitcoins

Can gloebit transactions be reversed?

Yes. For example, if a user disputes a transaction with you, or a fraudulent method was used to fund an account which transacted with you, we may need retrieve those gloebits.

To reduce reversals, use clear, honest language with customers, accurately describe products and services, and ensure dilivery is timely.

How do I cash out?

First you will need to sell some gloebits. Then you can cash out a non-gloebit balance via methods from your merchant tools page.

Can I have gloebits delivered to multiple accounts from a sale?

No. This is a feature we do intend to add. If this functionality is vital to your application, please contact us.

How long does it take to sell gloebits?

The speed of a sale depends on consumer buying demand and the supply from merchants who have placed a sale ahead of you. We expect sales to process quickly, but it could take days at times. Eventually, we will launch an exchange which will give you more control over both the price and speed of your sales.

How long does a cashout take?

This depends on many factors related to your cashout request. If you request a cashout to a verified PayPal merchant account, this may be instantaneous. However, we will also manually review and process some cashout requests. This will rarely delay a cashout for more than a few days.

How do I request a new platform API?

Contact us to request an API.

How do I make Gloebit the official currency for all products on our platform?

Contact us and with Gloebit, you can ensure that you share in the proceeds from applications developed and/or distributed via your platform.

How do I stay updated on Gloebit?

Have additional questions we didn’t answer here?

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